The Hervey Foundation for Cats
Box 12, Site 200 RR#2
Stony Plain, AB
T7Z 1X2


Phone: (780) 963-4933  


The Hervey Foundation for Cats is a place of refuge for cats who otherwise would perish: the abandoned, the abused, the sick, the old, the suffering. We are a no-kill, non-profit and tax-exempt private Charitable Foundation.


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Adopting a new cat is a significant decision that will change your life for many years to come. Your new cat may change the time you get up in the morning, the amount you exercise, your vacation schedule and a myriad of other things that affect your lifestyle.

Your new cat will provide you and your family hours of love, devotion and companionship BUT YOU will have to accept the responsibility of incurring ongoing costs food, grooming, boarding and veterinary care.

You will also be responsible for providing exercise, playtime and companionship.

The most important thing you must accept is that your new cat is a lifetime commitment.

I am a Furr-Ever Cat!

What does it cost to Adopt?

Our nominal fee is $175.00 which HELPS helps to defray some of our costs and includes:

  • Spaying/Neutering.
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV Testing.
  • Free Vet Check at our Vet clinic (time limited).
  • FULL Vaccines.
  • Deworming/other medical care.
  • Microchipping.
  • Free 6 week Pet Health Insurance Plan
  • Love and devotion.

Additional Costs:
Your new cat requires food, care and attention throughout it's life. The estimated annual costs of your new cat are:

  • Food $ 250.00
  • Litter $ 150.00
  • Vet Checkups/Vaccines $ 70.00
  • Toys/Scratching Posts $ 100.00
  • Total annual costs $ 570.00

In addition you should provide the following when you get your new kitty:

  • Water/food dishes $ 20.00
  • Scratching post $ 35.00
  • Litter Pan & Scoop $ 30.00
  • Brush & Comb $ 25.00
  • Toys $ 25.00
  • Total initial cost $ 135.00

Total first year cost:

  • Adoption Fee $ 175.00
  • Other Items $ $ 135.00
  • Annual Care $ 570.00
  • Total first year $ 850.00

*Please note: Adoptions are done by appointment only. Thank You!

Don't Adopt a Cat If...
You are not going to spay or neuter it.
You can't afford to feed it a nutritious diet.
You expect to move to a "no pet" facility.
Your significant others might hate a cat.
You can't afford to give the cat regular medical attention (ie. yearly vaccinations, check ups and dentistry).
You think the "great outdoors" is more important to a cat than their protection & safety.
Your furniture is more important to you than your cat's well being.
You are not ready to assume the responsibility of owning a pet for 15 years.
You are not ready to give adequate time and companionship to your cat.
You think fleas, worms and ear mites are par for the course.
You do not appreciate how your cat feels about you.
You are not going to microchip your cat for identification.
You are not prepared to provide kitty condos, scratching posts and toys to prevent boredom.
You think the cat would would make a nice Christmas, Birthday or other gift without accepting the above.

If you think that you could provide a warm loving home to one or more of our lovely friends please:
Call (780) 963-4933 or Write:
The Hervey Foundation for Cats
Box 12, Site 200, RR#2 Stony Plain, AB, T7Z1X2
or Email
Or download our adoption application form