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Canadian Cat Sanctuary

About Us

The Foundation was founded as a cat rescue and adoption service by Marjorie Hervey in 1998 to provide care and loving homes for the unwanted, uncared for and abandoned cats that fall into our society.

She used her family inheritance, and more, to start and establish The Foundation.

Over 3000 Cats Rescued

Since then our cat rescue foundation has helped 3,000 cats and kittens come into our care. Most have found good, loving homes. The balance stay with us to live a Quality life.

The Foundation’s prime objective is to offer either a temporary or long-term place of protection for injured, unwanted, homeless and abused cats.

Providing Loving Homes

In line with this philosophy is the concept of homing. This means that we provide homes for these animals – either a new loving, caring home or permanent home at our facility for the cat to live a Quality Life for the remainder of its life. We provide a means of finding suitable loving and caring homes for these cats. In addition, we promote and educate the public on the proper treatment of cats, all in keeping with the requirements of the Animal Protection Act. Our primary concerns are the cats under our care.

Safety First

Great precautions are taken to avoid introducing illness when initiating a cat rescue. For example, in the situation involving a typical member of the family, our procedures would be as follows:

  • Cats that come into our care are taken to an Accredited Veterinary Clinic where, at the cost of The Foundation, the animal would be examined and Fe-leuk tested, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, de-wormed, vaccinated with the 4 way combination vaccine and Feline Leukemia and Rabies (if old enough). Its ears would be checked for ear mites and treated.
  • The cat is then transported to our facility. It is placed in isolation for observation for 4 to 5 days.
  • If any symptoms develop during this period that need attention, the cat is treated.
  • Assuming all is well, the cat is placed up for adoption to find it a good home.
  • The cats in our care are not caged, but are free to enjoy a home atmosphere. 
  • If it is clear that a new cat could not be adopted for some reason or another, it is made to feel at home, is given a name, and it becomes assimilated into our family.
  • The Foundation is unique throughout all of Western Canada. The reason is quite simple. No person has the patience and the devotion that Marjorie has for the cats.

The Foundation is a registered non-profit Charitable Organization in Canada and Alberta.

CRA #899091128 RR0001

Alberta Charitable Organization License # 310154

Incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta

All donations made to The Foundation are tax-deductible.

It costs in excess of $5,000.00 per month to carry on the activities of The Foundation.