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9 Cat Safe Houseplants to Spruce Up Your Home

9 Cat Safe Houseplants to Spruce Up Your Home

Plants are some of Mother Nature’s most impressive specimens. The thought of a small seed turning into a towering tree, a food item, or a beautiful flower is actually incredible. Keeping plants in your home also provides much cleaner and fresher air as they convert all the CO2 into fresh oxygen. 

Sadly, not all plants are made equally and as a result, some are harmful to your cats. Being curious creatures, regardless of what plants you buy, your cats are likely to find a path so they can interact and rub their faces all over them. Some cats also like to sniff and chew on the leaves of plants, so if you’re stocking your home with some greenery, take note of what breeds are actually safe for your kitty.

  1. Ponytail Palms
    1. These stubby little plants are excellent air purifiers and don’t just work okay in low light, they love it! Ideal for apartments and their furry dwellers, their fountain of leaves provide a lot of surface area while their thick stems won’t snap from your cat’s cheeks.
  2. Bromeliad
    1. Characterized by its thick green leaves and beautiful red flowers, some bromeliads can actually grow up to 20 feet tall. While these plants may be drought-tolerant, they do still need to be watered!
  3. Impatiens
    1. Some flowers are very poisonous to cats, however, everyone’s favourite, impatiens, are actually okay! You don’t have to worry if your kitty nibbles on their flowers for a weird snack.
  4. Staghorn Fern
    1. Just like flowers, some ferns can pose a serious health risk to your cat. Staghorn ferns are cat-safe, and with enough sunlight and water every 1-2 weeks, these meaty ferns will make an excellent roommate.
  5. The American Rubber Plant
    1. The American Rubber Plant is another one that can reach up towards the ceiling. With some of these growing up to 10 feet tall, your cat is bound to find them exciting, and luckily, non-toxic!
  6. Cast Iron Plant
    1. These rigid plants are very hard to neglect as they don’t require a lot of water or sunlight – making them a great addition to a home with an amateur plant owner. They also make an excellent corner plant as they reach waist height and spread out decently. 
  7. Sunflowers
    1. Sunflowers make beautiful cheery table flowers in the summer, and luckily they are cat-safe too! When buying them, ensure they are actually sunflowers and not something like a daisy with a dye job. Daisies are dangerous to cats. 
  8. Roses
    1. Roses are non-toxic, so if your cat eats a petal, they will be fine. What is really the concern with roses and cats is the penchant for brushing up on things. Obviously, the thorns pose a problem for a truly motivated cat, so despite their non-toxic status, if your roses have exposed thorns, maybe keep them away from the kitty.
  9. The Chinese Palm Plant
    1. Looking for something tall and leafy? The Chinese Palm Plant can reach heights of eight feet and its palm-style leaves will bring a smile to anyone visiting your home.

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