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Gary and Morris VS the Canada Goose

Gary and Morris VS the Canada Goose

Out for a walk one sunny day, Gary and Morris were catching up.

“How was your week Gary?”

“Well, Morris, it was pretty darn good. We had more adoptions than ever before and that means there are cats finding new homes.”

“That’s a good thing,” said Morris. “What do you think is causing it?”

“It could be the nice weather, the fact that everyone has been cooped up inside all Winter. Either way, things are good,” said Gary.

The two cats were heading down to their favourite watering hole. A spot not far from the shelter where local wildlife would hang out and grab a drink.

“You’re going to love this place, Morris,” said Gary. 

“Oh yeah?”

“It’s great. Everyone shows up. From the squirrels and rabbits, to birds, foxes, and other animals! It’s a great place to animal watch,” said Gary. 

As the two cats rounded the corner to the watering hole, they could hear a commotion. A group of Canada geese had landed in the centre and were pushing everyone away from the water. Anytime a group of animals would get close, they’d be chased away by the geese.

Gary and Morris approached the watering hole and immediately heard the honk of an angry Canada goose. 

“Honk… STOP RIGHT THERE,” came a voice.

Gary and Morris paused, confidently, while staring back at the geese.

“This watering hole has been requisitioned by the authority of the great migration. You and your friends will keep back as our geese come in for a quick R&R.”

Gary and Morris looked at each other then back at the geese.

“The great migration?” said Gary.

“Yes. The great migration. You must be aware. Every year we Canada geese, proud representatives of this country, migrate to the South to avoid the harsh climate, then we return when things warm up. This requires a massive amount of time and energy and our birds need to rest and fuel,” said the leader of the flock.

The geese moved in towards Gary and Morris. The two cats remained confident.

“This is a public watering hole, a natural occurrence. You cannot simply walk in and take it from the people who use it. You are welcome to be here, but you can’t keep chasing us away.”

“Watch us,” said the lead goose.

The geese then moved back to the watering hole and sat in it while they drank.

A few animals who had been drinking there before the geese arrived approached the two cats.

“We don’t know what to do,” said the group. 

“The foxes suggested we let them attack the geese, but we don’t want to see anyone get hurt,” said one of the racoons. 

“We’ll think of something,” said Morris.

The two cats walked back to the shelter and wondered what they could do to get the geese to fly away. The watering hole wasn’t very far away, and they knew they needed a strong plan.

“How can we get rid of those birds without anyone getting hurt,” said Gary.

“You know, geese may be bold and loud creatures, but they are afraid of one thing,” said Morris. “Other loud noise.”

“Loud noise? Hmmm…” 

“Like a car or a truck, or a… lawnmower!”

“How do we get a lawnmower over there?” said Gary.

“I have an idea,” said Morris. “Follow me.”

The two cats started to run down the road on the way over to the watering hole. 

“I saw one of those massive lawn mowers cutting grass in the ditch. Maybe if we can get him to follow us over to the watering hole, we can get him to scare off the geese with the noise.”

“Brilliant,” said Gary. “Let’s do it.”

The cats ran towards the lawnmower and jumped on to the man driving it.

“Whoah! Where’d you cats come from?” said the operator.

“You two are mighty friendly. Wait a minute… aren’t you the cat from 9 lives?”

Morris and Gary both jumped down in front of the lawn mower and started meowing incessantly. More than ever before. They would walk up a few steps, turn back and meow at the driver.

“What’s going on? You two in trouble? You want me to follow you?”

The cats crossed the road and started heading towards the watering hole. They could hear a commotion from the geese already and luckily the lawnmower man was actually following them!

As soon as they got to the entrance of the area where the watering hole is, they turned back and looked at the man on the mower.

“What’s going on kitties? What is this place? Woah! The grass here looks like it hasn’t been cut in years. I’ve got time, kitties. I’ll cut your grass.”

He started into the tall grass on his mower and the noise was perfect. Sticks were getting caught in the blade and rocks were being tossed every which way. The noise was loud and from the looks of it, doing the trick! 

The geese started getting upset and began shouting at the leader.

“We thought this was a peaceful place to stop. You said we’d have the run of the roost!”

“It was! I swear! It says it on the map!” said the lead goose.

Suddenly, all at once, they lifted off into the air and flew away. All the nearby creatures rushed over to Gary and Morris.

“Thank you! Thank you! We are so thankful. This means so much to us!”

“You can all have a peaceful place to drink now,” said Morris.

“And the grass is going to be a lot shorter now,” said Gary. 

“We prefer tall grass, but we aren’t complaining! It’ll grow back! Thanks again you two!” said a particularly happy rat.

After the grass was cut, and the lawnmower operator waved goodbye to all the animals, Gary, Morris, and all their new friends went over to the watering hole to cool off and drink some water. 

“Not bad, Morris. That was a great plan,” said Gary.

“Well, it all worked out in the end,” said Morris. “Call us lucky.”

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