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Holiday Shopping for Cats or the Cat Lover in Your Family

Holiday Shopping for Cats or the Cat Lover in Your Family

The holidays are coming and that means it’s time to get shopping for the people you care about! In some cases, this may include your four-legged, furry feline friends, and in other cases, those you know who care for four-legged, furry feline friends. Regardless, we have put together an essential guide of gift suggestions for the cat or cat lover in your family! The best part is these are all easily available online!

For the Huskier Cat in the Family

Nature’s Miracle sells a large, hooded corner litter box – perfect for larger cats. Many large cats have a talent for kicking litter over the sides of their box and may not do well in most covered litter boxes. This one is likely just the right height for your big cat – coming in at 66L x 61W x 29.2H centimetres. If your large cat is kicking litter onto the floor and all over the place, this could be your best solution.

Take the Edge Off Mealtime

Smart feeders are fantastic devices that can save you a lot of time and headaches. Dry food dispensers like this one can be set to drop food at intervals set by the owner using a convenient smartphone app, and this particular device holds between 1-10 meals in it!

A Place to Hang Out In

Cats love a good spot to curl up and fall asleep – the higher the better. This wall-mounted hammock is a great place for them to jump up to and safely relax. While you’re at it, consider looking at other wall-mounted cat-specific furniture and implements to put together a fun place for them to explore!

Deal with that Litter Box Mess

The cat litter trap mat does a great job of catching the litter your cat accidentally kicks out the front or sides of its box. This little appliance can save a cat owner the headache of having to vacuum litter off their floor and spray the floor with an anti-bacterial spray!

Hit the Road with Style

This space-age backpack is a great way of transporting a smaller cat. It gives them a perfect view of the outdoors, and when not moving, you can expand the back for extra space to move around. This may not be ideal for cats who are a bit shy or afraid of the outdoors. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm them and scare them!

A Cat Tree is a Must

All cats deserve a tree. They give them an edge in the household. A footing they can sit upon and watch over all of their territory. If placed strategically near a window, your cat can see everything outside as well! Cat trees can be found affordably online and this one is a great example of that!

For the Outdoor Cat/Caretaker of Strays

Outdoor cats in the winter take some major risks in the cold. This heated outdoor shelter can be the perfect place for a cat to sleep inside on a brisk, dark night. It’s a great way for them to get out of the wind and into a safe spot. For the outdoor cat lover/someone who takes care of neighbourhood cats, this shelter would make a perfect addition to their property. 

A Little Bit of Entertainment

Every cat lover knows how much cats love the thrill of the hunt. Whether it’s chasing a mouse, a piece of string, or a sophisticated laser pointer, they can’t help themselves but get involved. This sophisticated laser pointer comes with two different modes, it’s USB chargeable, and can keep your cat entertained through the cold winter months! 

A Trendy Watering Station

Cats love running water, and a cat fountain is a must in any home with free-roaming felines. Grab a fountain for your cats this Christmas, then one for the cat lover in your circle who isn’t using one yet. This kit comes with filters and a cleaning brush – a great starter!

Another Fun Laser Toy

This electronic laser ball toy provides hours of entertainment by randomly rolling around on the floor while pointing a laser out the side! Keeping your cat with this crazy piece of kitty tech! 

Make the Walls Do the Work

This two-pack of cat corner groomers makes a great addition to any cat household, but an even better one to a home with long-haired cats. The price is right, and the gift will save the owner time on brushing!

Cat Run/Tunnel

Cat tunnels are another great source of entertainment for indoor cats. Whether it’s just one cat or multiple, they can enjoy themselves in one of these fabric tunnels for hours at a time. Some like to chase their peers through the corridors while others like to sit with their legs hanging out the openings. It can be quite a sight!

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