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Holiday Shopping Guide for Cat Lovers

The holidays are around the corner, and for the avid cat lover, this can be a perfect opportunity to spread cat joy, and more importantly, joy to cats!

With the pandemic still in full swing, ordering online is likely the way to go this year. We’ve assembled a list of great gifts for the season, be they for people or animals, that can all be found on Amazon Canada.

JOYO 62” Multi-Level Cat Tree – $119.99

Is your cat a bush dweller or a tree dweller? If they like to be up high, the cat tree is a staple. Cat trees are amazing little interactive centres for your cat to have fun with, while feeling safe above the ground. This particular tree includes scratching posts, a cat condo, hammock, top perches, and dangling balls. Any cat would be pleased to enjoy this tree. Hot tip – place it in front of a window to encourage them to use it.

IYOWEL Unisex Crew Neck Christmas Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater – $25 to $35

The classic ugly Christmas sweater trend continues and ventures forth into cat-lover territory. These festive sweaters are guaranteed to get a laugh from friends and family. There are many more designs beyond cats, but this one captured out heart.

Bedsure 25 inch Pet Bed – $36.99

Cats love to sit on things, and the more comfortable, the higher the chance they will fall asleep and turn in for the night, or day, or both. A cat bed with raised sides provides them a feeling of added security and a place to rest their heads. This soft bed from Bedsure is great for cats of all ages and is incredibly soft for those suffering from joint pain.

Aolnv Lotus Cat Water Fountain – $58.99

This beautiful lotus-style fountain provides clean filtered water to your cat in a way that is more interesting than just a bowl of water. Not only will your cat be more inclined to drink from the fountain because of the running water, but running water stays clean longer and the filtering system makes sure of that. No more gross water bowls when you have a fountain!

2 Pack of Cat Coffee Mugs with Stirring Spoons – $25.99

Perfect for the caffeine lover in your household, this lot contains a pair of cute kitty-shaped mugs, available in black and white. Give them something fun that they’ll use every day! The matching stirring spoons look just like the mugs and are a nice touch.

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – $146.99

Another great gift idea for the cat lover, or cat, is an automatic litter box. Dealing with the litter is never a fun time for anyone, and a self-cleaning litter box can ease that burden. The PetSafe Simply Clean uses a round wheel-shaped box that rotates past a grill pulling the waste out of the litter and into a collection spot. All you need to do is remove the bag when its full! What cat owner wouldn’t want something like that?

Moving Fish Cat Toy – $18.99

Cats love any sort of moving toy, and a moving fish stuffed with catnip certainly qualifies as something that’ll get their attention for a while. This makes a great cat stocking stuffer and will generate hours of fun for your kitty.

Catstronaut Throw Pillow – $13.99

Do you have a cat lover with a sense of humour in your family? This throw pillow is both hilarious and cute and is for sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one. It also looks great on a couch when you have guests over – certainly a conversation starter.

PETLIBRO 4.6L Automatic Cat Dry Food Dispenser – $79.99

A gift of convenience to both the cat and the owner, an automatic pet feeder takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Your cat will stop bothering their owner for food hours before it’s time to eat, and cat owners don’t have to get up to feed them each time. This feeder from PETLIBRO allows for 1-4 meals to be dispensed per day and has a 10 second voice recorder for owners to leave a message for their pets when it is time to eat.

We hope these help give you some direction when shopping for a cat-owner or a cat in your life. Enjoy the holidays and be merry!

Dan Huen & Choice OMG

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