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The Cat Themed Wedding You Never Knew Was Possible

The Cat Themed Wedding You Never Knew Was Possible

Cat lovers are a unique breed (pun intended) in that many of us love to incorporate our feline friends into as much of our lives as possible. So, when planning our impending nuptials, the thought of a cat-themed wedding may have crossed our minds. 

We want to show you what is possible, generate ideas, and really paint a picture of what your cat-themed wedding could look like, without giving off a tacky vibe. 

Invitations with a Meow

The cat-themed wedding needs cat-themed invitations. This is a place where you can get creative. Granted, there are pre-designed options online, but wouldn’t incorporating your cat be more fun? Custom invitations can be made by any number of printers or wedding planners, and putting some ‘paws on your paper choice’ will bring a sense of fun to your invite.

The Glitter Box

A litter box filled with glitter, sequins and some items slightly larger as prizes. Guests use a scoop to sift through the glitter to get their prize. It may sound silly, but it can be quite the addition when well-executed. See this photo from Pinterest.

Cat-themed Ring Dish

What better place to keep the rings than on a cat-shaped or cat-themed dish specially designed for your day? These can be purchased online or commissioned by local ceramic artists and provide another fun layer to your cat-themed day. Be sure to check Etsy or eBay as well.

Hiss and Purrs Chairs

To designate the bride and groom’s spots, adding the Hiss and Purrs titles to the seats are a great touch. This can be done by painting them onto the backs of the chairs or through nametags on the table. You decide!

Kitty Cat Photo Bomb

Wedding photos are one of the most important elements of your wedding and bringing your kitty to the shoot for at least one photo is a great way to incorporate them into the wedding without overwhelming them. Bringing a cat to a wedding is likely not a good idea for most, though bringing them to the photoshoot may not stress them out too much. You know your cat best so keep their feelings in mind here. 

Cat Papercut Art

Decorations are what bring the event together, and handmade is extraordinarily popular these days. Papercut art is created when a piece of paper is folded in half and a pattern is cut into it, creating a full piece when unfolded afterwards. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your patterns! These make great pieces to have on tables. These can be made by hand or purchased on Etsy. 

Kitty Cocktail Napkins

Another item available on Etsy, cat-themed cocktail napkins are a perfect small detail for your cat-themed wedding day.

Cat-themed Cocktails and Sign

When planning your drink menu, a custom painted cat-themed sign with the menu can draw guests in, while a menu containing drink names with a feline twist will keep them coming back to try more!

Cat-shaped Cufflinks

For the groom, cufflinks are an important detail. Men don’t often wear a lot of jewellery and cufflinks are a place to make a statement. Cat-shaped cufflinks at the cat-themed wedding just make sense. 

Cat Paw Cookies

Simple sugar cookies with icing paws are a great place to start, and a fun little treat for guests. This is another place where you can get creative. Why stop at cat paws? Perhaps cat faces, or whiskers, or something you come up with would be better.

Take-home Cat Treats for Real Cats

When guests are leaving, add some goodie bags for your guests’ cats. Why should being a cat prevent them from being a part of your cat-themed wedding? A take-home bag means they get to have some fun on your account too. 

Cats on the Cake

A wedding cake topper can make a statement, and for a cat-themed wedding, a cat-shaped topper is the way to go. Just like many of the ideas in this piece, you can really get creative with this one and do something to impress your guests. Talk to the bakery doing your cake to see what is possible. 

Cat-shaped Signs

At the entrance to the venue, the bar, and all around your wedding, you can incorporate cat-shaped signs to help guests find what they need while adding to your theme. These signs can be made from foam core board or wood, or any other sturdy material. 

Be Yourself!

The cat-themed wedding is truly a reflection of the people getting married. When planning your cat-themed wedding, as we’ve said a few times now, get creative. Think about the different elements of weddings you have been to or seen online and think about how to incorporate your cat theme while capturing your personality as well. A wedding is about two people, and some of the best weddings really show who those people are. Let your cat theme be the element that shows your guests who you and your partner are. 

Dan Huen & Choice OMG

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