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Where Did All This Cat Hair Come From

Where Did All This Cat Hair Come From? A Guide to Keeping Cat Hair Off Your Clothes and Objects!

Cat hair is a nuisance. There is no denying that. Somehow our furry friends seem to shed more hair than we could ever imagine being on their bodies. This is a natural process that happens with the changing seasons. As things get warmer, they shed their winter coats and vice versa. 

As time goes on, when owning a cat, we notice their hair seems to get everywhere. No matter how much you pet them or brush their fur, it still gets everywhere.

So, what is the solution? How do you get some semblance of control over the situation? It all boils down to routine. If you want a home that is largely free of floating cat hairs, then you need to work towards it. 

Brush, Brush, Brush!

First things first, you need to brush your cat’s fur – especially as the seasons change. Brushing the fur gets out most of the loose stuff in a controlled way, allowing you to remove the fur from the brush and place it in the garbage. Without brushing, your cat will shed everywhere it goes.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Regular vacuuming is extremely important. So much of your cat’s hair will get into your carpet and stay mostly invisible to the naked eye. These hairs then get stuck on your feet and moved around the home. Anytime you lay on the floor, your clothes will get loaded with cat hair unless you suck them up using your Hoover. So set a regular day to vacuum and get it done. 

Purchase a Lint Roller

No matter how hard you work, there will always be loose hairs in your home you aren’t able to get to before they make their way onto your clothes. While most people won’t bat an eye at a shirt with cat hair on it, there is a limit. Lint rollers are perfect for removing cat hairs from clothes regardless of how much is on there. Put it by the door and use it on your way out!

White Vinegar in the Wash

Washing clothes with cat hairs sometimes isn’t enough to get them clean. This could be for several reasons, one being the size of the load in the machine not allowing the hairs to come away from the clothes, or it could just be that the fibres in your clothes are too tight to release the hairs. Oddly enough, a half-cup of white vinegar, when added to a load of laundry, can loosen their fibres to the point where they will let go of the hair.

Run Dirty Clothes Through the Dryer First

If your clothes can handle it, run the dirty ones through the dryer on a heat cycle to loosen up the hairs and trap them in the lint trap. Not all clothes are candidates for a hot dry cycle, so double-check that they won’t get ruined this way. Afterwards, run them through the wash for the actual clean and there should be fewer cat hairs on each garment. 

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