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Why Every Cat Should Have a Tunnel

Why Every Cat Should Have a Tunnel

The cat tunnel. 

A legend in its space. When it comes to cat toys, tunnels seem to have a magic ability to turn even the friendliest lap cat into an apex predator. What is it about these things that seemingly drives them to it? Why do they love these little structures? Moreover, why should every cat have a tunnel of their own?


Our cats need playtime. Regardless of age, exercise is always necessary to keep your kitty healthy. The food we feed them is specially tuned for their bodies, but if they aren’t exercising to expend that energy, they are going to gain weight. Weight gain in cats can lead to diabetes, much like in humans, and that is not a fun illness for them.

Tunnels inspire cats to play. They are not just a place where they can hide from the outside world, but they’re a spot to setup a pounce, to roll around with their legs hanging out, to feel as if they have their own little apartment, or just to cut out the noise of everything else in the house. 

Putting toys into a tunnel, or purchasing one with dangling toys at the end, is a great way to facilitate your cat exercising while hanging out in there.


By their nature, cats are very intelligent creatures. They know the prey they can handle, and they are acutely aware that they are not the top of the food chain either. When sleeping, many cats prefer to find a dark, safe corner or a spot where they feel insulated from the outside world.

Some cat tunnels, depending on the material they are made with, provide a soft darker spot for them to rest. Cozy cat tunnels are often made with carpet or other materials, providing a place they feel comfortable, while cutting off the outside light, giving them a feeling of safety.

Personal Space

Believe it or not, cats are just like us in that they like having their own possessions and places. Spots where they know they can go no matter what, to get away from things. A home inside the home, if you will. 

A cat tunnel can make an ideal place for your kitty to call home. Depending on how solid it is, and especially if it doesn’t move much, your cat might be more than willing to call one of them home. If they don’t already have a place for themselves, this addition may even result in a more calm, happier feline!

Final Thoughts

Your cat will benefit from introducing a cat tunnel to your home. If we could make one suggestion, if you have the room, try to buy something a bit larger. The cheaper cat tunnels available at dollar stores do the trick to a degree, but rarely offer the security that cats also look for. They are thin and roll around a lot, which might be perfect for your cat, though it will not likely be a place they regularly retire to at the end of the day. More of a toy than a secure spot. 

Use your best judgement when picking out a tunnel for your cats. You know them best!

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