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The Hervey Foundation for Cats is a place of refuge for cats who otherwise would perish: the abandoned, the abused, the sick, the old, the suffering. We are a no-kill, non-profit and tax-exempt private Charitable Foundation.



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Printed copies are also available on request for those who would prefer a more relaxing read than on a screen.

Spring 2019
Nomi Berger Volunteer
Acne It's Not Just for People!
Helping Semi-Feral Cats Adjust to Life Indoors

Winter 2018
Paws Down for Plastic Bowls
Rhinitis is Nothing to Sneeze At
Pussycats and Purrs

Fall 2018
Marijuana Toxicity in Cats
Cats as Blood Donors
Cat Safe Halloween

Summer 2018

Spring 2018
Declaw - An Oudated Practice
How to sell a House with Pets
The Adventures of Gary

Christmas 2017
Christmas Cat Tips
Winter Dangers
Is Your Cat a Genius?

Fall 2017
Itchy ears, it's not always mites
Cats in the workplace
Stray cat joins fire department

Summer 2017
Is Your Cat Not Eating?
The Purrrfect Kitty Litter Box
The Adventures of Gary

Spring 2017
Divorce and Pets
Let�s Talk about Pee
The Adventures of Gary

Winter 2016
Cat's in Alzheimer Care Facilities
Is Your Cat a Senior
Wrapping Presents with a Cat
Itchy-Scratchy Felines
Avery's Story
Fat Cats

Fall 2016
Cats Behind Bars
How to Move House with Your Cat
Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Summer 2016
Heart Disease
Preparing Pets for Disaster
The Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Spring 2016
The Litterbox
The Commitment of a Lifetime!
Pet Health Insurance

Winter 2015
The Feline Art of Play!
People Foods Pets Should Never Eat
17 Plants Poisonous to Pets

Fall 2015
Thanksgiving Safety Tips
The Joy of a Multi-Cat Home
Who is Responsible?

Summer 2015
Welcome Home Baby
Adoptable versus �Home-able�

Spring 2015
Pet Cemeteries
When You are Gone
For the Love of Cats

Winter 2014
Tips to Help Scared Kitten
Better Settle Into His New Home
Cat Holiday Safety
Black Cat Month

Fall 2014
Lyme Disease
Halloween Safety Tips
Those Lucky Black Cats

Summer 2014

Spring 2014
How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Winter 2013
Is Your Pet Suffering from Stress

Fall 2013
Do Cats Need Canned Food

Spring 2013

Winter 2012
Seasonal Safety Tip Reminder
Cats in Crisis: Kitty Safety
Cats Aren't Treated Equally As Dogs

Fall 2012
Declawing Cats-Far
Worse than a Manicure
Why Cats Need Claws
Perfect Nails

Summer 2012
Cats in Crisis: Cats, Kids and Babies
Introducing Small Children

Spring 2012
Free Ads for Cats and Kittens
Jim Willis Shares a Story Free Kittens
Pet Food Warning

Winter 2011
Cats in Crisis: Renters and Landlords
Jim Wills Shares a Story: The Fourth Magi

Fall 2011
Cats in Crisis: Allergies

Summer 2011
Cats in Crisis: Vacations
Go for the Gold
Home Sweet Home

Spring 2011

Winter 2010

Fall 2010

Summer 2010

Spring 2010

Winter 2009

Summer 2009

Spring 2009