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Monthly donations are the lifeline of the Foundation. They are essential to help with the ongoing care of the cats and kitties. It goes towards food, litter and vet care. The Foundation is powered by volunteers – there are no paid employees of the foundation, nor do the owners/directors receive receive any remuneration – all funds are used for the care of the animals and operation of the Sanctuary.



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Canada Helps – For One-time/Monthly Contributions

ATB Cares – They cover the cost of all service fees and add 15% to your Donation Amount

Or by printing out this form and Faxing or Mailing a donation via Visa,     Mastercard,   or by Cheque to:

The Hervey Foundation for Cats, Box 2565 Stn Main, Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 1X9

Fax (780) 963-5921

C.R.A. # 899091128 RR0001 – Alberta Charitable Organization License # 310154

Incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta

The Foundation is powered by volunteers only-there are no paid employees of the Foundation, nor do the owners/directors of the Foundation receive remuneration whatsoever. All funds are used for the care of the animals and operation of the Sanctuary.

It costs us on average about $1,500.00 per newsletter to print and mail out the newsletter. This amounts to approximately $2.50 per newsletter. Expected proceeds $2000.00.

We Are a No-Kill Cat Sanctuary

It costs $5000/month to run the sanctuary and your donations matter.

Without yours and others’ help little “Pedro” would have met his death. He was found in a dumpster after being hit by a vehicle – turned into the Edmonton Animal Control by a passerby who heard him crying. He was scheduled for euthanasia on the day we rescued him – his leg was so badly shattered – our vet amputated it. He is the most loving adorable little creature on the earth and is one of our “mascot” cats.

It takes 450 lbs. of dry cat food, 75 cases of canned food and 800 lbs. of litter PER MONTH to take care of the hundreds of stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens that The Hervey Foundation for Cats takes in at their facility each year. Many of these animals find new homes – BUT – many fall into permanent care at our facility.

With costs exceeding $5,000.00 per month, The Foundation NEEDS the support of the general public in carrying out its mission.

The Foundation operates a no-kill facility – euthanasia as an option only when the animal cannot enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

“Here, at The Foundation, we don’t think of putting an animal down that can go on to live a perfectly satisfying life. These are not throw-away animals. Many cats suffer the same diseases as humans do and many of these diseases and ailments are quite treatable.” says Marjorie Hervey, Founder and President.

One of our most troubling financial issue The Foundation faces is maintaining the monthly cash flow that is required each and every month to feed, house and maintain the health of the animals in our care, whether they are waiting for a new home or living out their lives at our Facility. Currently, this costs us over $ 5,000.00 per month. YOU can help by making a regular monthly donation either by cheque, VISA or by clicking below to make a donation NOW.

All of the Foundation’s funds come from private donations and corporate grants and donations of goods and services. We are a registered, non-profit charitable organization, so any donation you make is entirely tax-deductible.

Most of the money we receive is spent for veterinary care, food, litter, housing and cleaning for the animals at our facilities. Our founder and director, Marjorie Hervey works without salary, as do our volunteers and members of the Foundation’s board of directors.

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