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2021 Winter Newsletter
2021 Winter Newsletter

Winter is on the horizon, and as the weather gets chillier you’ll be wanting to curl up with your kitty with a warm drink and a fuzzy blanket while reading our latest newsletter! This winter we talk about some of our cats behavior such as the meaning of excessive tearing, encouraging our cats lie down on cue, and undesired vocalization. And of course this seasons special short story-A Hervey Christmas with Gary and Morris-that you and your family will no doubt enjoy.

Summer 2021 newsletter cover
2021 Summer Newsletter

We are so excited that summer is almost here and we bet that you and your kitty are too! Our 2021 Summer newsletter is here and we have some great articles for you to read! No doubt many have started working on their yards and have done some gardening, find out 7 Backyard Threats to Kitty’s Safety. Other articles include the cautions we need to take when using essential oils around our cat, a preview of the awesome blogs we have on our site, and of course another Gary adventure!

Spring 2021 Mewsletter
2021 Spring Newsletter

The weather is getting warmer and we are eagerly anticipating spring! Our 2021 Spring Newsletter is here!! Read why it may be important to have a “Pet-Nuptial”, find out why your kitty drinks from the sink, read the adventures of Gary, and more!

2021 Fall Newsletter
2021 Fall Newsletter

With cooler breezes and the trees changing colours, we are happy to bring you our 2021 Fall MEWSletter!! Read our featured articles on Adopting Cats with Feline Leukemia, find out more about Dental Disease in cats, and of course a new short story on The Adventures of Gary!

Winter 2020 Mewsletter
2020 Winter Newsletter

The season of cat-cuddling in front of a fireplace is upon us. Cat’s eye colours explained, cat senses, downside of scruffing, and more!

Summer 2020 newsletter cat
2020 Summer Newsletter

What a difference three months can make! In that time, the whole world has changed, and many of those changes will, in all likelihood, be permanent.

Spring 2020 Mewsletter
2020 Spring Newsletter

Dealing with your cat’s death, Kitten Season, When kitty sheds her winter coat, adventures of Gary, and Toilet paper as a toy.

2019 Winter Newsletter

Feral Cats Deserve Warmth, Kidneys… We all need ’em, Adventures of Gary, Keeping Cats Off Counters

Spring 2019 Cat Newsletter PDF Edition
2019 Spring Newsletter

Nomi Berger Volunteer
Acne It’s Not Just for People!
Helping Semi-Feral Cats Adjust to Life Indoors

2018 Summer Newsletter

Carter’s Corner
CAUTION: Cats and Essential Oils
Why You Need to Spay Your Cat
17th Annual Dinner & Silent Auction

2016 Winter Newsletter

Cat’s in Alzheimer Care Facilities
Is Your Cat a Senior
Wrapping Presents with a Cat
Itchy-Scratchy Felines
Avery’s Story
Fat Cats

2011 Spring Newsletter

Cats in Crisis: The Government
and Cat Overpopulation
Can We Convince the General
Public to Care for Cats
Millions of Cats
Three Types of Cat People