The Hervey Foundation for Cats


Working at the Morinville Veterinary Clinic as an Animal Health Technologist, I have worked with several of the Hervey Foundation’s cats. This past August when Marjorie brought in a new group to have their surgeries one little kitten caught my eye. He wasn’t the prettiest little guy as ¾ of his tail was necrotic but it was his personality that caught my attention. It didn’t matter what we were doing to this little guy he just sat their happily and purred through it all. Ten minutes after waking up from his surgery he was purring just as loudly as he was before it. He had just had most of his tail amputated and was neutered and all he wanted to was to be held. I found myself being drawn more and more to this kitten as the day went by. When it came time to send him home I asked Marjorie to leave this little guy behind so that we could monitor his progress post surgery in case any complications arose. She agreed and within a few days I knew that “Bob” (named because of his bob tail) had to come home with me.
Bringing Bob home has been a blessing. Originally I wanted him to be a playmate for my older kitten “Piglet” but he has become much more than that. He is a very much loved family member. He and Piglet are the best of buddies; it literally is a case of monkey see-monkey do with these too. Bob has learned from Piglet how to climb the bird cage to say hi, that petting the guinea pigs through their cage is fun, and “helping” mom while she’s on the computer is the best thing you can do! Bob has also learned from his big brother how to sit for treats, play fish in the dog water bowl and attack my Dachshund’s tail when she least expects it! Bob’s other favourite pastime includes sleeping with “his” dogs on the bed at night. He will not go to bed without cuddling up for his nighttime cuddle (also a habit learned from Piglet). Once he has this he will settle at the end of the bed with the dogs where he remains for the rest of the night!

I just very recently had to euthanize my 14 year old cat and Bob has been a big comfort to me during this difficult time. It’s very hard to be sad when you have this little orange and white pest climbing up your leg and then settling on your shoulder purring so loudly you can’t hear anything else!

I wish to extend a very big THANK YOU to Marjorie Hervey for allowing me to adopt this kitten whose goal in life is to give us much love as he can. All he asks in return is that I love him back and that’s not a problem! Again thank you Marjorie for my blessed “BOB”

Jeanine Smith, RAHT