The Hervey Foundation for Cats

L’Amoré Arts

Dear Marjorie,

I love cats. My family and friends know me as a cat lover. I am not
only notorious for collecting the feline subject on objects such as pajamas, socks, cups, and purses but also, the four legged creatures them selves.

Presently, I have three cats and one of them, named P.C, is a mascot in
my work place and studio at the Artra Art School in Edmonton.

P.C., a free spirited, orange cat was an abandoned and hungry stray who
entered my life four years in the midst of winter. This famished little fellow diligently followed me seven blocks to my home to experience the comforts of safety and love. With his quirky personality and amusing facial expressions, it saddened me to think anyone would abandon him.

Today, his presence has provided children and adults with amusement, laughter, and smiles.

P.C.’s case history is not an uncommon story at the Hervey Foundation
For Cats. Recently, I visited this foundation for two purposes. First was
to donate money that I raised as an artist and second was to visit Marjorie’s establishment. I quickly realized that each cat has a story to share.

Marjorie told me of the cruelty and abuse these animals experienced prior to arriving at her shelter. Why humans would treat animals this way is beyond my understanding. I was saddened that such people failed to respect life on this planet.

What struck me the most was Marjorie’s love, enthusiasm and benevolent actions towards all the cats she cares for. A selfless person who is motivated to find loving and responsible owners for any cat she has at her shelter.

Marjorie is the Mother Teresa of Cats. Visiting this place inspired me to continue my commitment in supporting this foundation. How one woman and a few volunteers can love and care for such a large number of cats impressed me. On day to day basis, they take in abandoned cats and provide for their physical and psychological needs. It is my hope that others will join Marjorie and provide support for these feline individuals.

I too want to help Marjorie provide food, shelter and the necessities of life to the cats under her care. This is the reason why I continue to support Marjorie with my financial donations.

As mentioned earlier, I raise money as an artist to donate to this foundation. I have created pen & ink note cards of cats and a handmade journal (with handmade paper, hand sewn, and hand drawn cat sketches) to help me continue my support for the Hervey Foundation For Cats. I am asking supporters to email or mail me pictures of their cats that I can use as a resource for the illustrations in my cat journals, cards and other visual projects. If a supporter wishes to commission me for a portrait of their beloved pet, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Hervey Foundation For Cats.