The Hervey Foundation for Cats


Willoughby was a cat that came to us from Edmonton Animal Control He had six legs. Four front legs and two hind legs.

This poor little fellow had such a hard time walking as two of the legs on one side were so deformed they were a hindrance to him. We sent him into our vet and it was decided that the two legs on the side should be amputated and the other two were fused together so did not cause him any problems.

His surgery went well and he came back to us to live. He was so shy and we worried that we were never going to be able to bring him around, but after much time and love Willoughby has adjusted. Now he runs and plays with the other cats and in general has become a clown.
He is so loving. We are glad to have him and we would like to thank the many wonderful people that donated to us to help with his surgery.