The Hervey Foundation for Cats

Cat Rescue Stories

All of these kitties and the hundreds of cat rescues that come into our care each year would have all met a certain death if it wasn’t for the love, devotion, time and care that they receive at The Foundation. These are just a few of our best cat rescue stories.

Please note that the cats pictured here have found new homes and are NOT available for adoption.

WE COULDN’T help these kitties if YOU, our supporters and sponsors – the people who care – didn’t keep the donations flowing.

Adopted Cats


Avery was suffering from major trauma that resulted in multiple hind leg fractures and damage to his diaphragm

Baby Bentley

Baby Bentley was found in a cardboard box in a ditch, along with 3 of his siblings – about 4 weeks old.


For one little kitten, a first impression was definitely the lasting impression that saved his life.


He wasn’t the prettiest little guy as ¾ of his tail was necrotic but it was his personality that caught my attention. It didn’t matter what we were doing to this little guy he just sat their happily and purred through it all.


Calla is a beautiful cat with a special kindness about her.


Charlotte was abandoned at the Hermitage Vet Clinic – left in a cardboard crate in their waiting room.

Emily (“M”)

“M” was found in a school yard. She was so starved that for several months she was unable to walk on her hind legs.


I was hit by a car and both my pelvis and one hind leg were broken.

Frodo Emily

Dear Marjorie, We are making this donation in the memory of Ron Mitchell and on behalf of Emily. In early 2006 Ron had to enter


She had a severely broken right front leg, where our Vet had to amputate her leg.

L’Amoré Arts

What struck me the most was Marjorie’s love, enthusiasm and benevolent actions towards all the cats she cares for. A selfless person who is motivated to find loving and responsible owners for any cat she has at her shelter.


Liam had been badly hurt by a fan belt while keeping warm under the hood of a car.


Lyla is the resident Canine of the Foundation. By day she is the guard dog, but by night she comes in and helps care for the kitties, giving baths before bedtime.


She had suffered sharp object trauma to her eye.


McDuff was (one of 4) found in a snow covered box behind a local restaurant.

Millicent (Millie)

She had a broken jaw and multiple facial fractures. She was transferred to our vet where her jaw was set and wired and her facial fractures taken care of.


This lucky little girl came to us from the City of Edmonton Animal Control and now has a wonderful home with Vic and Irene Ledsham!


I now live in a house with lots of cat toys, good food and 5 playmates.


We accept her for who she is, and in return we get what trust and affection she is able to give.

Patches & Mittens

Meet Patches & Mittens, two stray kittens from Sturgeon County who found a wonderful home!


I was born with only 3 legs and was found as a kitten scrounging out of garbage cans in the winter.


He was scheduled for euthanasia on the day we rescued him – his leg was so badly shattered – our vet amputated it.

Penny (Snowplow)

“Snowplow”, now Penny was turned into Edmonton Animal Control at about 6 weeks of age. She had blunt force trauma to her head, broken ribs and several other injuries.


Pumpkin came to us very ill. Apparently she had ingested a caustic substance. After several months of care and devotion with us she is eating normally.

Purrcy & Brigitte

An update on some very special kitties who found new homes and a new lease on life, thanks to the Hervey Foundation for Cats!!


Sherlock was adopted from the Hervey Foundation. Pictured here with his companion, Miss Austin!

Stephen the Cat

On a cold Wednesday night in February 2013, I received a ‘phone call from an employee of an Edmonton pet supply store. She indicated that a lady had entered the store carrying a cat and had walked directly to the cat food aisle. Assuming that the lady had brought her cat shopping with her, awhile later she was surprised to see the lady leaving the store very quickly but without the cat.


Theodore (Theo) had been abused and was turned into Edmonton Animal Control with a broken leg.


His back leg was badly crushed and he was to be put down. His leg was amputated by our vet. He is mending well and has become a loving welcome addition to our family.


Willie was found on the road covered in blood. The lady who found him contacted us and we made arrangements for him to go to our Vet Clinic.


This poor little fellow had such a hard time walking as two of the legs on one side were so deformed they were a hindrance to him.


Hi! My name is Wylie. I am named after Wylie coyote. Why? Because I almost became his dinner one night! Here’s how it happened….


Zen was quite badly constipated when we brought him home, so Mike (my husband) and I diligently fed him cream and canned food mixed with pumpkin. One of us was with him 24 hours a day for the first few days and it broke our hearts to see him stumbling around in pain that first little while. However, after about a day and a half he finally passed a poop that was half the size of his little body! Mike was there when it happened and called for me to come right away and we stood there in admiration of the poop in the litter box! 🙂 We were so thrilled for Zen we even teared up a little.