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Why Do Cats Love Catnip?

It’s common knowledge that cats love catnip, but what is catnip and why does it seem to drive your cat wild? Catnip, or Nepeta Cateria,

Vacuum chasing cat graphic
The Vacuum

The sun rises on a quiet morning. Most of the humans are asleep but it sounds like one is walking around. It’s early – like

Truths on Eleven Myths graphic
The Truth on 11 Myths About Cats

Cats are a curious and mysterious breed. Some of their behaviours are hard to explain while others can be quite predictable. Over the hundreds of

Japans cat islands graphic
The Cat Islands of Japan

Japan is a fascinating place for more reasons than we could include in one blog, however there is one unique element about the country that

Litter 101 Graphic
Litter Box 101

The litter box is often the number one complaint in cat ownership. The image of a cat litter box is one that smells bad and

Cat bully graphic
How to Stop Cat Bullying

Is there a bully living in your house? Does it have four legs, no language, and prefers going to the bathroom in a plastic box?

Pamper Your Senior Cat graphic
How to Pamper Your Senior Cat

As cats get older, they slow down, seek more cuddles, and their joints start to ache. Much like humans, some of their fur may go

Hate Water Graphic
Do Cats Really Hate Water?

The answer to this one, as with many things in life, is subjective. It really does boil down to the cat. Some cats absolutely detest