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Are Cats Good Emotional Support Animals?

Are Cats Good Emotional Support Animals?

We see emotional support animals more and more now in public and in the news. Once in a while, there might be a story about someone bringing a peculiar emotional support animal (such as a bird or a reptile) on an airplane or into a restaurant. Cats, however, are not all that peculiar and they actually make wonderful emotional support animals. There are a few reasons why. 

What is an emotional support animal?

For individuals who suffer from mental health issues or otherwise experience an emotional deficit, sharing their lives with a loving and understanding creature can be just what the doctor ordered. By simply being there, showing kindness, and reciprocating love, some emotional support animals help ease the symptoms their owners experience due to their mental health struggles, making them important members of the family both at home and out in public. 

What Makes a Cat a Decent Emotional Support Animal? 

Low Maintenance

When compared to a dog, cats are extraordinarily low maintenance creatures. They don’t need to be walked, they are lower energy and don’t need to be played with to the same extent. They also don’t seem to miss their owners as much when they aren’t at home. Cats can be left alone for periods of time and remain quite content. 

On the plus side, despite not demanding much from you, cats seek love and reciprocate positive affection. The age-old trope of cats being cold and indifferent is certainly not the case when there is a bond between an owner and their cat. The bond formed between them is one based on love and trust, and such bonds can make a meaningful impact on the emotions of someone with mental health issues.


In many cities, cats are the ideal roommate for someone living in a rented apartment or home. Due to their reputation as being low maintenance pets, many landlords will make exceptions or allow them from the get-go. Cats also keep rodent populations at bay which is a positive for anyone who owns property. 


While many cats don’t respond well to human modes of travel, it is often due to a lack of exposure. Many cats have been trained to enjoy long car or train rides without much issue. It helps if they are exposed to these modes of transport at a young age. 

Due to their size, many different methods of travel are cat friendly. If you register your cat as an Emotional Support Animal, an ESA letter can be presented and if your cat is well-behaved, there shouldn’t be much of an issue getting them onboard.

Amazing House Pets

One of the primary reasons cats make good emotional support animals is because they are such good housepets! They are loving, inquisitive, intelligent, careful, and have wonderful little personalities that are unique to each cat. If someone in your home is looking for an emotional support animal, introduce them to a few cats and see how they react. They are an excellent addition to your home and, as mentioned above, require very little maintenance compared to other animals. 

If you are interested in acquiring an emotional support cat, talk to the team at Hervey Cats. Emotional support animals don’t require special training, they typically have a calm demeanour instead. Some cats may be ideal for this role and some may not. Let our team help you navigate such needs. 

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