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Meow-lloween Fun with Your Cat

Meow-lloween Fun with Your Cat

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year with its spooky vibe and themes. For kids, it means it’s time for another night of candy hunting, but for adults, it can mean so much more – handing out candy, parties, decorating, spooking people, etc. 

For cats, Halloween can present a number of new experiences for them to take in, and you can incorporate them into the fun!

Trick or Treat

For those living in areas with lots of kids, trick or treating can be an abrupt or confusing experience for your cat. Having the doorbell ring or hearing people yell outside over and over may generate some excitement in them. How can you bring them into the fun instead of keeping them out of the loop and in another room? Let them be your door greeter! If you have a storm or screen door, set it up so your cat won’t be tempted to go outside, but they can still approach the door and get a look at the kids when they arrive! Bonus points if you have a black cat as they’re already dressed to fit the theme!

Curl Up

Some of Halloween’s greatest by-products are all the spooky movies and TV specials created around the holiday. On Halloween night, grab a comfy spot on the couch, set up your own Halloween marathon, and let your kitty grab a spot on your lap so the two of you can spend some time together. 

New Cat Treats

Don’t leave the treats to the kids this Halloween, grab some for your feline friend! Cats love snacks and on a night like Halloween, introduce some new delicious grub to them. Set up a little treat hunt at home by hiding the treats in different places. They’ll love finding them throughout the day/night and you can rest easy knowing you made them happy!


Most cats DO NOT like being dressed up and forcing clothes on them is not something anyone should do. There are some cats who don’t mind it at all, and in that case putting a little costume on them is harmless. Cats are extraordinarily sensual animals, and they use these senses to function in their environment. By putting clothes on a cat that does not want them, they will become overstimulated and unable to control their reaction in many cases. Be absolutely sure your cat is receptive to being dressed up before buying them a costume.

Cardboard Haunted House

Cats love a place to crawl into and interact with, and there are a multitude of haunted house cat scratchers or cat houses available for purchase online. Simply search for ‘Haunted House Cardboard Cat House’ on Google and you will see what sort of options are available. Don’t forget to check out eBay as well.

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