The Hervey Foundation for Cats


For one little kitten, a first impression was definitely the lasting impression that saved his life. If it wasn’t for his quiet demeanor and love bug attitude, he might have been overlooked as an adoptable rescue at the Edmonton pound. Although his injuries were severe, he has persevered through a multitude of treatments, bandage changes, medications and health setbacks but has remained the personable loving kitten that we, at the Morinville Veterinary clinic, refer to as “Bernie”. This little man definitely has personality plus and is often found in the arms of the staff that have come to love and admire him.

Halloween was quite exciting for Bernie, as some of the staff, at the clinic, dressed up as cats and they dressed Bernie up as a human. He was sporting a blue hoodie that served a dual purpose; it was his Halloween costume and it also kept him from scratching at the sutures on this neck.

Bernie will always be an immune compromised cat, will need to be kept indoors exclusively and his contact with other cats will need to be restricted.

Marjorie, from the Hervey Foundation, has agreed to adopt Bernie to one of our own veterinarian’s, Dr. N Bruyere, where he will live out the rest of his life in style.

From the Morinville Veterinary clinic, a big “Thank you” to the Hervey Foundation for allowing us to share this journey with Bernie and a big “Thank you” to Bernie for reminding us all of why we chose to be involved in this profession.

Kathryn Chapman

Veterinary Medical Receptionist

Morinville Veterinary Clinic