The Hervey Foundation for Cats


Liam came to Animal Control at the end of January 2007, only 8 – 10 weeks old. Liam had been badly hurt by a fan belt while keeping warm under the hood of a car. Liam’s back leg had been degloved and his condition stable. The owner of the car brought Liam into the facility and euthanization seemed like the only end. On that day, an angel was looking out for him.

Karen, a vet tech on staff at Animal Control could not bring herself to euthanize him while he lay in her arms purring. Instead, Karen approached her director and asked if there was money in the Animal Care Fund to provide treatment through EVEC. Thankfully, there was enough money in the fund and EVEC agreed to provide treatment. Once EVEC looked at the injuries, it was decided that full amputation was the best choice. To everyone’s surprise EVEC donated their services and a new leas on life was give to Liam.

After two weeks, Liam was transferred here for rehabilitation and to join many other “special” angels who get to live out their life with love and happiness.

Liam is settled in and doing well.